Friday, 30 March 2012

Four weeks are a long time...

The Guardian has a reaction to the apotheosis of Mr Galloway from one Lanre Bakare, a young columnist who hails, appropriately, from Bradford. No triumphalism here, and I can't argue with this:-
Galloway's brand of politics seeks to play on tensions which exist in this type of community and it's doubtful his presence will do much to help the city rid itself of the tag "most segregated in the UK".
But can this be the same Lanre Bakare who, when Channel 4 screened "Make Bradford British", was wheeled out to protest against the reinforcing of racial stereotypes?
Bradford does have problems and a racial divide is one of them. But there are other issues we risk not seeing until a flash point forces people to stop viewing Bradford as a single-issue city.
I fear Mr Bakare has just been outvoted - and knows it.

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