Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Good non-secular persons rejoice

The Royal Mail has issued its Christmas stamps, which this year feature pictures of the Nativity.
Praise the Lord - and the even better news is that they also feature the Annunciation and the Epiphany. Doubts as to how clearly the Beeb's scribe understands what the Nativity is can only be magnified as we read on...
The company said the stamps were inspired by verses from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.
True BBC impartiality! But never mind, we have clear acknowledgement here that Christmas is a a Chrsitian festival. Or do we?
Last year's Christmas stamps featured animated characters Wallace & Gromit. Royal Mail's policy for its official Christmas stamps is to alternate non-secular and secular themes each year - but non-secular festive issues are always available.

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